Cat Lover Looking to Buy Pet Free Condo


J.L. from New York writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

I am planning to buy a condo in Queens, NY. The rules show no pets but I love this condo and I have a cat. If my cat is always inside my property can the board enforce me to get rid of my cat?

Mister Condo replies:

J.L., in a word, “yes”! The Board is well within their rights to enforce the condominium association’s “no pets” rule. Your love for the cat has nothing to do with it. It is a matter of the Board’s legal right to enforce the rules of the association, which they are charged to do for all residents. If they make an exception for you, they must make an exception for all. My guess is they will not do that. The exception to this rule is if your cat is a prescribed Emotional Support Animal or ESA. ESAs are not pets and, therefore, not subject to the “no pets” rule. However, you will need to provide a written statement from a medical or mental health professional stating that your cat is an Emotional Support Animal. Or you could just live someplace where cats are allowed. Problem solved. Good luck!

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