Condo Association Takes Over Unit Owner’s Deeded Parking Space!

L.I. from Massachusetts writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

My condo was purchased with 2 deeded spaces. The trustees have put a plow in my 2nd spot. They did not ask and I have sent 3 emails asking for them to please remove the plow. It’s a deeded space and they do not have my permission. They have ignored my emails and the plow is still there. What can I do?

Mister Condo replies:

L.I., I am sorry that your Board of Trustees has ignored your emails to remove the plow. Since it is your deeded space to use, and not theirs, you have several options available to you. First off, I wouldn’t use email to communicate with the trustees; they aren’t responding and it may not stand up as proper notification. Send a certified letter threatening legal action against the association if they don’t comply immediately with your demand that they remove the plow from your space and to never park any vehicle in any of your deeded spaces ever again without your express written approval. If they don’t respond and comply, you should promptly seek the advice of an attorney who will likely take you down the path of a lawsuit against the association. Depending on your local and state laws, you may also have the right to have any unauthorized vehicles parked in your space towed, at owner’s expense, to clear your property. This is an extreme measure and, again, should only be done after speaking with a locally qualified attorney who will best advise you of your rights. Alternatively, if you are open to allowing the association to use your space for a fee, you might want to rent them the space as they need it. But for the association to just commandeer your space because it suits them is wrong. All the best.

One thought on “Condo Association Takes Over Unit Owner’s Deeded Parking Space!

  1. THIS!!! is exactly the answer I was looking for. There is a board member that has decided to tell other unit owners that they MUST move their cars out of their deeded spots out front to ANY OTHER DEEDED spot out back. That the deeded spots become, “EMERGENCY” spots in case of snow! I own a deeded spot and they are telling me NOT WHEN IT SNOWS!

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