Condo Flood Damage Repaired but not Prevented!


A.S. from Fairfield County writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

I own a basement level condo with four windows which I rent out. Water leaked into my apartment from a well with a drain pipe that is located just outside the condo a few weeks ago during a heavy rain. The condo association had the wood floor in the condo replaced. I want the Board to install a sump pump or some other alternative, to prevent additional flooding into my apartment if the drain floods again. I contacted the Board about it, but they have not responded. How can I get the Board to take action and install a solution that will prevent another flood?

Mister Condo replies:

A.S., I am sorry for your soggy situation. Flood damage has plagued many community associations in our state as of late. Your situation is not unique but I do want to commend your Board for repairing your wood floor. I can certainly understand your desire for the Board to take action to help prevent further damage and recurrence.

Basically, if you have asked the Board to consider your request, you may have already done all that you can do. The association is not under any obligation to make an improvement to your condo, such as installing a sump pump. Of course, if you continue to suffer water damage from association owned equipment as I assume was the case with the drain pipe, the insurance company paying the claims may insist that the Board take some additional action or have their future claims denied. In fact, if you know the name of the insurer who covered the loss, you may wish to write them a letter with your suggestion. Most insurers are eager to avoid future preventable losses and may even be willing to pay for the sump pump if it will save them money in the long run. Good luck and keep dry!

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