Condo Owner Getting Snowed with a Snow Removal Special Assessment


T.R. from New Haven County writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

My condo Board of Directors just assessed each unit $200 for snow removal. They said it was because they didn’t budget enough for all of the snow we got this last year. I don’t think that is fair. Do I have to pay the $200?

Mister Condo replies:

T.R., we sure had a lot of the white stuff this year, didn’t we? Local and state municipalities had to find creative ways to pay for keeping the highways and byways of our great state clear from snow and open for business. Many condo associations faced the same challenge. Even in the small association where I live, we went more than 30% over budget in snow removal this year. Back when your budget was prepared a certain amount was allocated for snow removal. Since that amount fell short, monies were “borrowed” from elsewhere in the budget to cover the snow removal cost. Those monies now need to be returned so the other bills of the association can be paid. If the Board determines that the best way to do so is to levy a special assessment then that is how it must be paid. Honestly, $200 sounds like a very reasonable number given the amount of times you probably saw snow plows hard at work on your property. It is very likely that the real number is even higher but the Board found a way to balance the books without passing the full amount of cost on to you at this time. Don’t be surprised if your common fees are increased next year due to the increased projected cost of next year’s snow removal. Let’s home Mother Nature treats a bit better next winter. All the best!

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