Condo Owner Seeks to Beautify Common Grounds

D.D. from Texas writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

I own a condo. In the front of my unit, all you see is the garage and one window, then a small flowerbed and sidewalk leading to my walkway. How can I make the flower bed look good?

Mister Condo replies:

D.D., generally speaking all plantings in the association’s common areas are planted and maintained by the association. There are some association’s that allow unit owners to plant in particular areas near their units with the caveat that the property is still owned by the association and the unit owner needs to follow the association’s prescribed guidelines on what can and can’t be planted there. For instance, you might think a lovely sunflower would look good but the association may think it is too tall or might attract squirrels. The bottom line is that you should ask before you do anything to the planting area. If the association says it is OK for you to plant there, make sure you ask what types of ground cover are allowed. Then, of course, do your best to keep it looking good. I am sure you would do that anyways as it leads you and your visitors right to your front door. Happy Planting!

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