Condo Owner with Irregular Personality Disorder Exhibits Disruptive Behavior

S.H. from outside of Connecticut writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

What to do when owner refuses to listen to reason due to a psychological disorder that the family has no control over. Aside from an irregular personality disorder, they pay fees on time, just very disruptive daily, due to disorder.

Mister Condo replies:

S.H., this is an interesting question for several reasons. I am certainly sorry that you have a unit owner who is causing daily disruptions. I am sure the person living with the psychological disorder and his family face a daily struggle to manage. The only actions that can be taken by the association are to enforce the association’s rules about peaceful living. The term “disruption”, while polite, really doesn’t tell me too much about what is actually happening. Is the person abusive to other residents? Is association property being damaged? If no rules are being broken, then there isn’t too much the association can or should do. If rules are being broken, then the association has every right to serve notice, have a hearing, issue fines, and so on to enforce the association’s rules. Of course, this individual cannot be singled out as the only person breaking rules. If other unit owners are breaking the same rules, all need to be cited unless the association wishes to face possible discrimination charges from the unit owner or his family. My best advice is to look closely at your rules to determine if any are being broken. If they are, consult with the association’s attorney about the best way to enforce the rules without creating a discriminatory action. If the disruptive behavior ever gets to the point of assault or battery, it is time to call the police. Personality disorder or not, no unit owner has the right to abuse another unit owner. All the best!

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