Condo Parking Lot Repairs Leaves Unit Owner Without Nearby Parking


R.L. from outside of Connecticut writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

I have lived in a condo for four years and was assigned two parking spots; one in the front, and one in the third row assigned numerically. They just assessed the owners for repairs on the parking lot. After they finished they reassigned my spots with none in the front and my second spot the furthest away from the apartments. In most cases, both owners had two spots assigned in the front. They gave me the worst spots available. I called the president of the Board. He made believe it was no big deal. Please advise. This is inconsolable. I pay my dues on time, and try to stay away from the hassles which are numerous.

Mister Condo replies:

R.L., for the most part, parking lots are private property owned by the association and under control of the Board of Directors of the condo association. There are rare exceptions where specifically numbered or ordered parking spaces are deeded and are actually part of the condominium unit but those instances are rare. You should consult your deed to see if particular parking spaces are assigned or if it alludes to a more general concept of two parking spots. You have been given two parking spots, just not the two that you want. Since the designation of the parking spaces is most likely at the Board’s discretion, you have very little choice but to accept the new arrangement. Calling the Board President has not proven helpful and I suggest that you write to the entire Board so that you can have your complaint noted in the record. It is possible that you are not alone in feeling that you have been treated unfairly and if enough unit owners complain, the Board may take action to return the parking spaces to the way they were assigned before the repairs were made to the parking lot. Remember that your Board members are democratically elected by you and your fellow unit owners. If they are not getting the job done to your satisfaction, you might want to look for new leaders that will. Maybe you should consider running for the Board, R.L.? Good luck!

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