Condo Parking Space Swapped


C.S. from Virginia writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

I purchased my condo in 1987 and resided in it the first five years with my assigned parking space being in the same location since 1987. Upon moving out, I have been using my property as rental property. In August 2015, management for my condo repainted the surface parking space and in the process my assigned parking space was moved unknown to me until December 21, 2015. On December 21st. my tenant called reporting garbage disposal problem. I went to my rental property and parking in the assigned parking space since 1987 to be informed I was parked in some else’s parking space. What action can I take on having my assigned parking space moved back to its original location?

Mister Condo replies:

C.S., unless your original parking space was deeded (most are not), there is very little you can do other than to petition the Board to reassign your old space, which they are unlikely to do. Parking lots in common interest associations such as your condo are typically under direct control of the Board. The Board authorized some routine parking lot maintenance and decided to reassign parking spaces, which is their right. Unfortunately, you were not notified of the parking reassignment until after the fact. Had you known, you would have likely asked them not to change it but they did and time has passed. Reassigning the space now might be harder than it appears and they may have had other reasons for making the change that you not privy to. I know of some associations who receive requests for parking space reassignments to accommodate folks with disabilities. I know of some associations who have changed the spaces to try and get more parking out of the lots. Regardless of their reason, the Board has made their decision. You can ask nicely but I wouldn’t expect anything to change. All the best!

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