Condo Property Manager Offends Unit Owner

P.J. from outside of Connecticut writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

If an owner contacts the PM regarding an issue and the PM’s response is that “I am a pain in the ass and a little prick” is there any formal rights I have to request his replacement with another agent from his Firm? Thank You!

Mister Condo replies:

P.J., I am most sorry to hear about such rude and unprofessional behavior from a Property Management professional or anyone for that matter. It reflects the general lack of civility that seems to be far too common in today’s society. As for “formal rights”, I don’t think you have any. The Property Manager is hired by the Board. You should most certainly complain to the Property Manager’s supervisor if he or she has one and you should complain in writing to the Board who can pressure the Property Manager to behave better or be replaced. But the reality is that you were insulted, not assaulted. Anyone who uses such terms when dealing with a client is saying far more about their own behavior and upbringing than yours. Take the high road, P.J.. Good luck!

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