Deeded Condo Parking Swap Sought

M.C. from San Diego, CA writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

How do we change our parking deed with our neighbor? We live in a high-rise condo complex in San Diego, CA with assigned underground parking. Thank You.

Mister Condo replies:

M.C., deeded parking, as its name implies, is linked directly to the deed for your unit. While you can simply verbally agree to park in each other’s spaces, the change to the deed will require a bit of work and likely the assistance of an attorney. Depending on mortgages or other third-party interests to the deed, it may require a lot of finagling and be far more trouble than it is worth. Unless your Board is keeping a watchful eye on who parks where, you might be able to work this out with your neighbor as a gentleman’s agreement. That agreement wouldn’t be legally enforceable in my opinion but it might be the simplest solution to your quandary. Good luck!

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