Enforcing Condo’s “No Rooftop Satellite Dish” Rule


J.G. from Litchfield County writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

Owner refuses to abide by rule regarding placement of Direct TV dish on roof. How do we enforce this rule?

Mister Condo replies:

J.G., rules enforcement begins with the associations rules and regulations. If there is a rule in place prohibiting any unit owner from modifying the building’s exterior or roof, then the offending unit owner should be served notice that he/she has broken the rule and is requested to meet with the Board at the next meeting of the Board to explain why. If your rules allow for a fine for violating this rule, also include the fine in the citation and inform the rule violator that the fine will also be discussed at the meeting. If the unit owner attends the meeting and agrees to remove the Dish and repair any damage to the roof, the Board is then free to decide whether or not to levy the fine for the rule violation. If the unit owner refuses to comply with the association’s rules on building modification, the Board is free to hire a contractor to remove the Dish and bill the unit owner for the work. Hopefully, it won’t come to that but the Board does have the authority to enforce the rules of the association provided they follow proper procedure. One caveat to consider is that the Board may wish to speak with its own counsel before ordering the removal of the Dish just to make sure all of the association’s governance provisions were followed as well as state law. Good luck!

3 thoughts on “Enforcing Condo’s “No Rooftop Satellite Dish” Rule

  1. There is a Federal Law on Dishes. This should be considered first. If it is townhome, the Owner has a right to install a dish on the roof as it is his. There are matts to use so dishes may be on a roof with no penetration of the surface. Rules pertaining to the dish installation, per Federal guidelines, must be in place before any action may be taken.

    1. I live in a townhouse style condo, and no, in our complex Owner’s can not, ever put a dish on their roof. The our condo corp is responsible for the exterior of the buildings including the roof & shingles. Not even with ‘a pad’ to protect the shingles. Our condo corp actually has a specific by-law stating no dishes, period. In the past the condo Board has not even allowed the dishes on tripods in the yards. Read and know the bylaws before you purchase.

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