HOA Seeking Additional Assessment from Former Owner

P.J. from outside of Connecticut writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

Can an HOA increase assessment amount 8 months after I sold condo and deed changed hands? The management co. made an error in what they call the “estimate” of their closing figures which were baked into the sale amount (buyer paid the assessment and price was lowered accordingly). Now they say I (previous owner) have to pay more even though the sale cleared title and resale cert was all normal. The letter tells me I owe more than what they thought I owed when they gave the figures at closing time.

Mister Condo replies:

P.J., this is clearly a legal question for a qualified attorney in your state. Different states handle these transactions differently so I cannot give you a definitive answer for your scenario. I will offer this advice. Once the sale is made and the closing is over and the title has changed hands, the seller is typically relieved of any further claims against the unit. In other words, if the HOA makes a Special Assessment after your name is off the title, that assessment is on the new unit owner. There are exceptions though and you really need to speak with an attorney from your state who can give you a proper legal answer for your situation. The way you have described it sounds fishy to me but I am not an attorney and cannot offer you any legal opinion here. I know I would be reviewing the details with a qualified attorney to make sure I was being dealt with fairly and within the scopes of local law. All the best!

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