How Do You Hold a Condo Annual Meeting?


P.S. from Hartford County writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

What is the process for holding an annual meeting?

Mister Condo replies:

P.S., the Annual Meeting is the most important meeting of the year for condo unit owners. Two very important pieces of business need to be done here. Board Members need to be elected and a budget needs to be ratified. The Annual Meeting is where both of those things should be done.

Notice is of paramount importance. Once a date and location for the Annual meeting has been selected, all unit owners of record need to be given proper notice of the meeting. Unit owners should also be given the opportunity to vote by proxy. Between proxy votes and attendees, a quorum must be achieved before any business can be conducted. Your condominium governance documents outline the procedure for giving notice and calling the annual meeting as well as proxy and quorum requirements. Keep in mind that the State of Connecticut also has laws that deal with governance issues such as these which may supersede your governance documents so check with your association’s attorney to make sure you are operating in accordance with state law when you hold your Annual Meeting. All the best!

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