If the Condo Keeps Doing What It Has Always Done…

K.G. from Litchfield County writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

We are fairly new to our three-unit condo community. Two of the units, the ones where the Secretary and the Treasurer reside, are reasonable and interested in a positive and well-governed board with productive meetings. The other unit, in which the long time President resides, there is dysfunction and a constant need to have its residents (not board members) take over the meetings and highjack the agenda so that nothing is ever accomplished. It appears we need help. I have two questions that I am hoping you can assist me with. The first, is where can one enlist a mediator or someone to monitor these meetings more effectively? You have suggested to us before that the President should be voted out. It won’t happen as no one else is willing to take over. We could hire an attorney but it seems quite costly. Do mediators exist in Connecticut that could only act as moderators and run the meetings and keep them on task? My second question is that I have scanned the webinars on the CAI website for the Connecticut chapter and there are several that look like they might help. Can you suggest one that would be beneficial to a new board member who does not have any legal experience or real experience on a board? I saw several for resolving conflict and behaviors. Also, would my husband and I benefit from becoming members? We are a small condo Association with only five people residing here. We would appreciate any guidance as we would like to move forward in a more positive manner.

Mister Condo replies:

K.G., thank you for writing back. Many attorneys that specialize in community association law can also serve as mediators. However, mediation is only an option when there are two parties looking to reach a settlement. From what you have described to me here, that really isn’t the case. Let me quote your question here: “You have suggested to us before that the President should be voted out. It won’t happen as no one else is willing to take over.” Really? No one else is willing to volunteer their time to fix this problem? Then, guess what? The problem is likely to persist. If no one is willing to volunteer their time to serve then the association is getting what it deserves. I know that sounds harsh but let’s face reality here. People are willing to invest a hundred thousand dollars and much more in their unit but then aren’t willing to step up and serve? That is short-sighted and a formula for many long-term problems. My original response is here: http://askmistercondo.com/grumpy-old-condo-president-needs-to-go/

The local chapter of the CAI offers several excellent and local training programs. Among the very best is a program called “Condo, Inc. 1”. The next session is right around the corner on September 16th. You can learn more and/or register here – http://www.caict.org/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=862691&group I cannot recommend this program strongly enough for an association like yours. I think you (and other interested unit owners and Board Members) need to hear from local experts on how best to run your association. This program fits the bill perfectly. I hope you attend. All the best!

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