Injured at the Condo; Reluctant to Sue Owner

B.C. from outside of Connecticut writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

I fell down the stairs right outside my condo. Everyone is saying to sue, but I rent from a private owner. I am afraid of repercussions. I like where I live but will need surgery and medical bills are piling. I know I have case. Any words of wisdom?

Mister Condo replies:

B.C., I am sorry that you were injured at your condo. Since you wrote to me a while back, I hope that by now you are well on the mend. Regardless of who you are renting from you now have medical bills. It is time to speak to an attorney who will better advise you of your rights and the plausibility of your case. In this litigious world in which we live, lawsuits are quite commonplace. Injury cases, in particular, are heard every day in courtrooms around the country. Many are even settled out of court. However, few are litigated with the proper advice of a qualified local attorney. If your part of the country is like mine, you can see their ads all over town. I am sure there is one ready to assist you. It shouldn’t cost you your rental agreement but if it does, there are other places to live. There may be only one place for you to recover the financial debt this injury has caused you. Get well soon!

One thought on “Injured at the Condo; Reluctant to Sue Owner

  1. B.C. does not indicate why the accidental fall might be considered a liability of the condo association rather than just an unfortunate slip and fall. Many of us fall through no fault of our own or anyone else. Certainly an attorney would be helpful to determine how to proceed.

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