Insurance Runaround Leaves Condo Renter with Uncovered Losses

P.P. from New Haven County writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

I was a tenant in a condo that was damaged by water that entered the unit causing complete damage to 800 square feet of the hardwood flooring, Sheetrock and our personal property/furniture. Since owners’ insurance approved full compensation for damage, cause described as ice dam. Our tenants’ insurance declined claim because of owners’ insurance ‘ice dam’. Upon demo of floors and walls it was discovered that the damage was long term and was the result of gross negligence. It was discovered that incorrect installation of replacement windows which cause a gap under the windows causing water to enter the full length of the wall. Our furniture against that wall was no only water damaged, but infested with mold. A total loss. The condo association also received insurance money to pay the owners deductible and repair the gap and siding. Our tenant’s insurance refuses to revise the original decline. Neither the owner, who had the Windows replaced without a permit from the condo, nor the condo association is taking responsibility for the cost of our damage. We continued to pay rent during the three-months-time to repair, without access to the main level of the house. We’ve contacted the state of CT INSURANCE DEPARTMENT and representative simply sends us the original ice dam determination from Liberty Mutual. We are in contact with the association’s insurance who points to owner’s liability so points back at negligence of association. We have lost 50% of our furniture and damage to the rest. Where can we go from here?

Mister Condo replies:

P.P., I am sorry for all of your problems. As a tenant, your renter’s insurance should be your primary method of recovery for loss such as this. Unfortunately, your insurer is looking to shift the burden and has pointed a finger at the association, delaying your claim and leaving you stuck in the middle. For starters, I would not renew my lease when it is up. You have identified enough underlying problems that you would be wise to seek a new rental. Your claim of loss is most likely going to be against your Landlord and his claim will be against the association. However, before you get into the expense and ongoing legal battle with insurers, your landlord, and the condo association, you need solid legal advice from a local attorney who can tell you what to expect. I would think your insurer is going to be your best bet for getting money back. You paid them a premium and they offered you the coverage. You put in a claim with them and they denied the claim. They are the most direct path to recovering your money. Then, they can take on the expense of suing the association’s insurance company for damage caused by negligence, and so on. If you try to tackle all of these issues on your own, you could end up spending thousands of dollars with little to show for it at the end of the day. At least with your own insurer, you can demonstrate the coverage you had in place at the time of the loss. They have their own attorneys who may be willing to settle with you to avoid a lawsuit. Speak to an attorney today to get a legal opinion on your best course of action. Good luck!

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