The “Ask Mister Condo” Opportunity

In many states, grass root organizations have been created to offer a voice to the people who own and live in common interest communities. These groups often portray condo Boards and HOAs as great evils that should be sanctioned or controlled by government entities. These groups often position themselves as heroic “David”s and the Board leaders and Property Managers as villainous “Goliath”s. The end result is often bad publicity for the local CAI chapter and its well-meaning members. Have you ever wondered why that is?

CAI has always been a leader at providing expert resources to Community Association Volunteer Leaders, Property Managers, and the businesses that provide goods and services to community associations. It also offers plentiful resources to the typical community association dweller but I have found that most of these folks are either unaware of CAI or think it is a trade organization that promotes the agenda of the “Goliath”s.

The Connecticut Chapter of CAI decided that its “Goliath” status would be better used to educate and inform the “David”s of the community association world. By launching “Ask Mister Condo”, a unit-owner friendly website, the wisdom of CAI could be shared by those who could benefit from it the most – residents of community associations. While it may not be practical for these folks to become member of CAI, it makes perfect sense that they can ask their questions in an open forum where they are heard, treated with respect, and have their questions answered by the collective wisdom of the chapter members.

The end result is an exciting and vibrant forum where civil and intelligent dialogue is conducted as David and Goliath unite to work through problems and issues that might otherwise divide them. Instead of the local CAI chapter looking like it only helps its own members, the local CAI chapter is viewed as a helpful local authority, truly interested in fostering vibrant and harmonious communities.

Is “Ask Mister Condo” right for your chapter? If you are interested in better public relations, sharing local expertise, and creating vibrant and harmonious communities, then the answer is “YES”! Contact me today and I’ll be glad to show you how your chapter can host its very own “Ask Mister Condo”. Email askmistercondo@askmistercondo.com or call me at (203) 937-5381.

Bob Gourley, Chair

CAI-CT Public Relations


P.S. – There is even an added bonus of extra revenue and local media coverage when your chapter hosts its own “AskMisterCondo” program. Be sure to ask for the details!