President Asking Daughter to Fill in Violates Condo Governing Documents

P.S. from Litchfield County writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

The President of our association did not make it to the last meeting but sent a proxy regarding his daughter to vote AND stand in for president and run the meeting. Our governing documents state that if the president is unable to fulfill his duties as president, the secretary fills in. Who should have run the meeting? The daughter with the proxy or the secretary?

Mister Condo replies:

P.S., unless your documents allow the President to appoint a proxy (doubtful), the governing documents dictate your answer and from what you have told me, the Secretary should have run the meeting. Board members seldom have the right to give a proxy for their vote. If you miss a Board meeting, you miss your opportunity to vote. The real question here is what actions were taken at this meeting. Unit owners have the ability to question any actions taken at this meeting as it was held in violation of the governing documents. My advice would be to nullify the meeting and revote any items voted upon at the meeting so there is an official and legal accounting in the Association’s Minutes. And don’t allow anything like this to happen again. Education is available in our state for volunteer leaders through the local chapter of the Community Associations Institution. You can learn more at All the best!

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