Role of the HOA Board versus the Property Management Company

E.P. from outside of Connecticut writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

Grateful to discover this resource! Looking for material that outlines the role of management versus the role of the HOA board. As president, I’m raising it as a priority for this year to seek balance, lessen frustration and increase communication between the two. We have a hi-rise with 24/7 staff. Our largest budget expense is the management contract and salaries and benefits. It’s also our largest source of waste if people aren’t clear on their roles. Direct me to best practices, please!

Mister Condo replies:

E.P., congratulations on taking charge of this issue. I am glad you found this resource as well. The basic information to impart on your unit owners and residents is that the management company acts as the Board’s agent in enforcing the rules and regulations of the association. The Board is the governing body that is responsible for all aspects of association governance and directs the work of the management company. The Board is solely responsible for the policies and rules that the management company enforces at the Board’s request. It is important to note that the Board is made up of democratically elected volunteer members of the HOA. The Management Company is employed by the Board. The best resource I am aware of discussing these roles is the Board Member Toolkit, a free download from the Community Associations Institute. Get the download here: I think you will find it perfect for what you are looking for! All the best!

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