Too Little Deeded Condo Parking

L.L. from outside of Connecticut writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

I understand the condo board controls and manages the parking lots. Our particular lot does not have overflow like other lots within our complex. So, we have assigned parking. Our lot is also very active because we are next to the pool. Without fail, people ignore the “no pool parking” sign and still use our only three extra unassigned spots. On top of that an overflow lot that is separate from our lot but the closest gets full easily during pool season. This all makes parking a huge inconvenience for residents. We live in a three-bedroom unit. The other units are one and two Bedroom. In other areas of our condo property, there are three-bedroom townhouses with two assigned spots. We have requested a second assigned spot in the past before noticing the town house spots. We were shut down. How should parking be assigned in an equitable way? Is it a fair argument that our three-bedroom condo is comparable to a three-bedroom townhouse in regards to parking? They are designed to house the same number of people unlike the two and one bedrooms we are being compared to and being given one spot. Condo is about 1375 square feet and townhouse is about 1600, if square footage matters in this. Any advice on how to respectfully request a second spot is appreciated.

Mister Condo replies:

L.L., I am sorry for your parking conundrum. It sounds to me as though the “No Pool Parking” needs better enforcement if unit owners sharing that parking lot are to have any true Visitor Parking. That being said, I can’t see any reason for the Board to grant your request for additional assigned parking. Neither square footage, number of bedrooms, or any other factor determine or influence assigned parking decisions. When you purchased your unit, you knew exactly what was included for assigned parking. That is really the end of the story. You can ask and you can cite square footage and bedroom similarities to other units that came with more assigned parking but my guess is you will not succeed in your quest. In fact, from what you have told me, the pressure to provide parking spaces is so great, the Board would really have a hard time justifying any decision that removed visitor parking. Put yourself in their shoes and I think you will see it just isn’t to the community’s advantage to give up a parking space. Good luck!

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