Unhappy and Unsatisfied Condo Owner Moves Out

J.J. from outside of Connecticut writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

I been having a problem at my condo where I used to live. I left because they were always harassing me and my daughter. I’ve been towed because my car on my parking spot and the back tire was on line of the other parking spot. I have been trying to find out for 3 years where money is going because we have Reserves but we have no amenities but a pool.

Mister Condo replies:

J.J., I am sorry you have had such a trying experience living in a condo. Following parking rules can be challenging but managing the parking lot so all unit owners can enjoy the amenity is even more challenging. If you parked where you shouldn’t have you really can’t be too upset if your car got towed. How else could the association parking lot be available for all of the other unit owners who have also paid for unobstructed use of the parking lot? Understanding where your common fees go can be difficult to understand. Just because an association has a Reserve Fund (all should) doesn’t mean they don’t need your common fees for other budget items. All of the common amenities and services are paid for out of the common fees. Everything from the lights in the parking lot to the trash removal to the management of the association and so much more are paid out of your common fees. If you feel you were harassed in any way by your association, I would encourage you to speak to an attorney to see if what you experienced meets the requirements for harassment. Towing your car for parking improperly and insisting you pay your common fees certainly doesn’t qualify but I am guessing there is much more to the story than you have relayed to me here.  Good luck!

4 thoughts on “Unhappy and Unsatisfied Condo Owner Moves Out

  1. Indeed, it is also certain that a pool is not the only amenity. Often folks fail to consider infrastructure items such as concrete walkways, asphalt where cars park and drive, curbs, light poles, etc., are amenities or assets the Association needs to maintain out of operating funds or replace at some point using reserve funds set aside for that purpose. Also, how much of the condo buildings are the responsibility of the Condo Association? This is more money needed depending on the description of the general common elements provided in the governing documents – and those descriptions can vary greating from Association to Association. So there indeed is a bigger picture to consider.

  2. I took over my condo board and found out that most of the money was being used to grease the board’s own pockets. Needless to say when I kicked the board out and reported it to the local police, the XBoard members have been threatening and harassing me via email and text message and coming up to me in the parking lot trying to intimidate me. The best case scenario is to just move out. Just sold my place. Not worth the headache. Living in a place where you hate and you can’t control the creatures who live with you.

  3. You dropped the ball on having the owners car towed. If it was in her stall it should not have been towed. Which given the cost of towing and impoundment, in my city is a $250 cost and 2 hour inconvenience to get the car back. Efficient, expensive harassment.

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