Who Pays for New Condo Screen Doors?

J.W. from outside of Connecticut writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

I am part of a three-unit condo association. The association is looking to purchase screen doors for all three units. One of the units has one door and the other two unit have two doors so we would purchase a total of 5 doors. We plan to use condo fees funds to pay for doors. Is it equitable in using fees for one door for one unit and two doors for the other two? Is there a simple way to decide how it is more equitable? That is, we all pay the same quarterly dues but we are using more money for two of the units for the doors than we are using for the one condo with only one door. Does it come down to if all agree we just go with it?

Mister Condo replies:

J.W., it all comes down to what your condo documents say about common elements. Typically, all common elements are owned by the association to build, maintain, and repair. If that is the case for these doors then that is the formula you should use regardless of how many doors are on each unit. That is because the common fees are collected using the same formula for paying for the purchase, installation, and maintenance and repair of these doors. If the doors are the unit owner’s responsibility, then each unit owner would buy the doors attached to their unit and would be responsible for their repair and upkeep as well. I have seen it done both ways so it really boils down to what your condo documents say about it. If they are silent on the subject then it may come down what you all agree to. Otherwise, follow your documents. Good luck and enjoy your new screen doors!

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