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Everything’s Not Coming Up Rosy!

C.U. from Middlesex County writes: I am being fined by my condo association for planting roses in front of my unit. There is a small patch of garden that once grew some type of ugly ivy that died off a few years ago when my building was sided and the siding installers trampled all over the planting area. I was tired of looking at mud so I planted three small rose bushes. I got a…

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Buying Condominium

Does Father Know Best?

L.D. from Fairfield County writes: My fiancé and I are looking at homes to purchase and we are seriously considering a condo. We both work crazy hours and the idea of having the property maintained for us is very appealing. However, my father has warned me not to buy an older condo because there can be hidden expenses and special assessments that could cost us thousands of dollars. Obviously, I don’t want to buy a…

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Board Communications Condominium Governance

Co-op Quandary

Anonymous from New Haven County writes: Dear Mister Condo, I serve on the Board of my co-op and have done so for several years. I am concerned that because they are so few co-ops in our state, unit owners and even the associations itself largely goes unprotected and unrecognized. Everyone knows what a condo is but few know what a co-op is. Do you have any ideas on how co-ops can get better protection and…

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Condominium Financial

What is A Certified Audit?

B.K. from Tolland County writes: I read in our latest condo newsletter that our condo records were going to receive a certified audit. My husband used to serve on the Board and they conducted their own audits of the financial records. What is a certified audit and why do we need one? Mister Condo replies: B.K., Certified audits are quite different from self-audits performed by Board members like your husband. To give you a more…

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