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Neighbor’s Foreclosure Costs Every Condo Owner!

B.G. from New Haven County writes: Dear Mister Condo, Why am I being forced to pay increased common fees because of foreclosures that are taking too long at my condo? I have always paid my condo fees on time and as far as I know so have most of my neighbors. Now, two units have been foreclosed upon after almost two years of the owner’s not paying their common fees and I get a notice…

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Fire Damages Condo Building; Lack of Communication is Destroying Residents

M.I. from New Haven County writes: Dear Mister Condo, Is there a length of time a condo board has to rebuild?  Our building burnt over 3 months ago, and nothing has been done or released as to when it will be rebuilt.  We need to get our money back out, and have no idea how to approach this. Mister Condo replies: M.I., I am sorry for your fire loss. I hope that the building was…

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Condominium Insurance

Recommended Condominium Association Insurance Companies

L.T. from New Haven County writes: Dear Mister Condo, Do you have any recommendations of Insurance companies that handle Commercial Insurance Policies for Associations? Mister Condo replies: L.T., do I ever! I have long been a big supporter of businesses that support community associations. When it comes to community association insurance, you won’t find a better list of qualified insurers that you’ll find at This is literally the “Who’s Who” of insurance companies that…

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Tenant Floods Condo, Landlord Has to Pay

B.S. from Hartford County writes: Dear Mister Condo, Who is responsible for water damage in my condo? A tenant left the water running causing damage but the condo association is not willing to submit it as a claim. Mister Condo replies: J.S., I am sorry to learn that your tenant has damaged your condo and/or neighboring units. That may be considered a criminal activity and I suggest you submit a police report and seek remedy…

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