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Risky Business; HOA Approved Clubs and Organizations

J.S. from New Haven County writes: Dear Mister Condo, We have many independent clubs and organizations which are approved by the HOA.  Many of them collect dues.  What is the HOA’s responsibility or liability if the treasurer or president absconds with the funds? Mister Condo replies: J.S., sounds like your HOA is vibrant with many clubs and organizations active. Since you used the word “independent” to describe them, I assume that they have their own…

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Condo Ice Dam Caused Mold; Who Pays to Have it Removed?

P.F. from Hartford County writes: Dear Mister Condo, Who is responsible for mold remediation resulting from ice dams in between roof and ceilings inside my condo? Mister Condo replies: P.F., mold is no laughing matter to be sure. While you can argue who is responsible until you are blue in the face, the remediation should be taken care of at once before you or someone else living in your condo become ill. There are several…

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Condominium Legal

House to Condo : Condo to House Question

L.H. from Fairfield County writes: Dear Mister Condo, I own all 3 units in a 3-condo building that was originally a 3-family house. For tax purposes, I would like to convert back to a 3-family house without using a lawyer. The condo documents state that I can just vote to dissolve the condo association. Do you know what my next steps would be? Mister Condo replies: L.H., as you know, I am not an attorney.…

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What Questions Does the Bank Need to Ask my Condo Association?

S.J. from New Haven County writes: Dear Mister Condo, I want to sell my condo but the bank needs to ask questions to the condo association. What information do they need? Mister Condo replies: S.J., I assume the bank in question here is the one that will be providing financing to a prospective buyer. Most of today’s mortgages for condominiums require that the condo qualify for FHA-approved financing so my best guess is that the…

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