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Condo Property Manager Abuse Alleged

L.R. from Litchfield County writes: Dear Mister Condo, Property manager has requested some residents to nominate board members that he has chosen. He is controlling board members rather than doing what he is told. Past boards have continued to ignore the problems and stated off the record that he is not managing and the community has deteriorated but no one has been willing to terminate him. The newest board president was chosen by him and…

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When Can I Hold a Yard Sale at my Condo?

H.S. from Windham County writes: Dear Mister Condo, Is there a certain person I need to ask to have a yard sale, or am I allowed to have one whenever? The tenants next door and across the street have had yard sales a few months ago, and I would like to have one by the end of summer Mister Condo replies: H.S., while the rules vary by condo, generally speaking, condo associations don’t allow unit…

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Dirty Deal Over Power Washing at Hartford HOA

D.M. from Hartford County writes: Dear Mister Condo, I live in a 55+ Active Adult HOA of single family units. Last year, myself, and some neighbors, power washed our units (for the betterment of the community), after years of failed promises by the Developer & Board. Months later, the Board contracted (for a discount fee) for power washing, offered to those owners who wish to participate, at their expense. Obviously, I (and other owners) did…

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Upstairs Unit Owner Flooding My Condo… Again!

D.D. from Middlesex County writes: Dear Mister Condo, My unit was damaged for the second time in 4 months from the unit above mine. I have water stains on my ceiling from water running out of the upstairs neighbor’s shower when they use it. The unit owner above me has caused serious water damage in the bathroom and refuses to repair it or my ceiling. Mister Condo replies: D.D., neighbor issues at condos can be…

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