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Can Condo Association Collect Misappropriated Funds Paid for Deck Repair 2 Years Ago?

S.O. from Illinois writes: Dear Mister Condo, I live in Illinois, and have lived in my condo for 8 years. Our outside wood decks were repaired in 2011. At that time, the work was all paid for with association funds. Today they are asking home owners to pay $3,000 – $6,000 each because it should have been paid for by owners. Can they come after us 2 years later? Mister Condo replies: S.O., I am…

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Upstairs Splash, Downstairs Nightmare for this HOA Resident

P.M. writes: Dear Mister Condo, I live in a multi-story condo. In June of 2012, I noticed a warp on the upper corner of my shower walls. I was almost certain that it was caused by a water spill from the unit above mine. A similar incident had occurred a few years ago when there was a gush of water that came from the above unit. At that time, I spoke with the upstairs unit owner…

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Ups and Downs Of Special Assessments for Condo Garage Doors

P.H. from Fairfield County writes: Dear Mister Condo, I have a question regarding special assessments and when they can, or should, be levied. The Executive Board of my association is preparing the budget for our next fiscal year. As part of the discussions that I have heard, they are considering approving a special assessment for new garage doors for each unit. Their reasoning behind a special assessment is that they do not want to include…

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Uh-Oh! Condo Board Meeting Without Advising Unit Owners!

F.M. from Fairfield County writes: Dear Mister Condo, Can a board meet to discuss non-confidential issues without advising the unit owners prior to the meeting? Mister Condo replies: F.M., the short answer is “no” with the exception of emergency meetings of the Board which need to be used only in the truest sense of the word “emergency”. If the condo was on fire or was in eminent danger of a sinkhole or mudslide, the Board…

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