Board Condominium Governance Legal Pets Rules Enforcement

Condo’s Dog Policy has Bronx Condo Dweller Foaming at the Mouth

L.M. from Bronx, NY writes: Dear Mister Condo, The building I live in has a no dog policy but many people have dogs on the premises. In my building alone there are 6 dogs; one actually resides across the hall from me. I do not own my apartment; I rent, but the neighbors across from me do own their apartment and also have a dog. I have been to court regarding this and the end…

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Board CIOA Condominium Financial Governance Insurance

Connecticut Condominium Maintenance Standards Mandated

P.M. from Hartford County writes: Dear Mister Condo, Can a Condo Board in Connecticut establish Maintenance Standards that require Mandatory replacement of hot water heaters 10-13 years and state unit owner shall install an automatic shutoff valve on replaced hot water heaters.  These standards were not included in my re-sale condo package because they were ‘pending’ and mailed to the unit owners in June, well after my condo review period and seven days prior to…

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Board Condominium Governance Neighbor Issues Smoking

Smoking Condo Neighbor is a Pain in the Butt!

S.B. from Fairfield County writes: Dear Mister Condo, I have a new neighbor at my condo who is a heavy smoker. I am not a smoker so his smoking is really annoying to me. I find I cannot escape the smell of cigarette smoke from his unit as it seems to seep in through the walls. He also has a habit of sitting on the concrete steps in front of his unit. When he is…

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Board Condominium Financial Governance Legal Neighbor Issues Volunteer Voting

NY Condo Board Not Following Condo Bylaws

L.L. from New York writes: Dear Mister Condo, My condo bylaws state that beneficial or necessary “alterations or improvements” over 5% (~$13,000) of the annual budget must be approved by 2/3 of unit owners. Because of abuse complaints, there is also a bill being considered in New York that would make it a state law that association contracts over a predetermined cost must be approved by owners. The current board, with the support of property…

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