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Collecting Common Fees from Developer for Unsold Units

F.D. and D.D. from New London County write: Dear Mister Condo, Original developer owns 14 unsold units for 5 years never paid common fees. Can we collect on all 5 years? & Our condo development is 6 years old. We just formed a Board of Directors which I am on. The developer owes condo fees on 10 unfinished units. How many years can we go back to collect the fees? Mister Condo replies: F.D. and…

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Sweet Condo Investment Going Sour

D.B. from Hartford County writes: Dear Mister Condo, I own a unit in a small condo complex. I am in the process of painting and what not to get ready to rent the unit. Everything has been a disaster, leaky plumbing, lower floor ceiling replacement, etc.. As I am doing this, the roof starts leaking into the upstairs bedrooms. This exact problem happened last year. I tried reporting it to the Association President with many…

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Change of Condo Meeting Agenda Details and Validity of the Vote

J.B. from New Haven County writes: Dear Mister Condo, A previous notice for a special meeting states that there will be a vote, and the details of what they are going to vote on are specific. My question is this: can those specifics be changed at the meeting and then proceed to a vote? What about the right of previous notice, those who decided not to attend that meeting? They will not have been informed…

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Problems Mounting Up For New Condo Owner, Part 2

(Editor’s Note: This is a follow up question to an answer that appeared on February 11, 2014. You can read the original question and answer here: D.S. from Fairfield County writes: Dear Mister Condo, Thank you so much for taking time to reply. I wish I could be as positive as you but unfortunately it is not possible at this point. The board has still not produced all requested documents. I understand that the…

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