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Condo Association Requires Vehicle Information

W.D. from outside of Connecticut writes: Dear Mister Condo, May a Condo Association ask for Vehicle Information? Mister Condo replies: W.D., they sure can! Your by-laws most likely require that all vehicles on the property be registered. This is done to make sure the association doesn’t have any unregistered vehicles on their property which could be a potential insurance nightmare. I covered a similar question in January of 2013 which you can read here:…

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Pay To Park in Condo Guest Parking

D.Z. from outside of Connecticut writes: Dear Mister Condo, Can associations charge unit owners for unassigned guest parking spots? We purchased a condo over a year ago. We were told if we have more than one car we have to park it in an unassigned guest parking space and pay $15.00 extra on our monthly association dues. There was a few times around Christmas time I was not able to park my car on visitor’s…

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Right To Inspect Condo Association Contracts

G.S. from Hartford County writes: Dear Mister Condo, Does Connecticut law mandate that unit owners have a right to get copies of contracts signed by the Association’s Board? Mister Condo replies: G.S., as a general rule, all unit owners within an association have a right to inspect any record of the association, which includes contracts entered into by the Board on behalf of the association. The Common Interest Ownership Act (also known as CIOA) is…

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Foreclosing on a Deceased Condo Unit Owner’s Estate

B.B. from Litchfield County writes: Dear Mister Condo, How long should the association wait to file foreclosure action after a homeowner has died and his survivor stops paying the monthly fees? Mister Condo replies: B.B., I am sorry for your community’s loss of a member. When a unit owner dies there is usually a short period of time when probate matters are handled. How well the deceased’s personal matters were tended to in advance often…

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