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Illegal Harassment Outside the Power of Condo Board to Control

J.H. from outside of Connecticut writes: Dear Mister Condo, Hello!! I’m an owner of my unit. Been here 8 years. My neighbor has been here 6 years and never had any major problems. However, her new boyfriend or husband moved in a year ago. January up until now, he has continued to aggressively knock, kick, and post notes on my door. He calls me a dyke, tells me that I think I want to be…

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Right to Address Accuser of Condo Rule Violations

J.T. from Massachusetts writes: Dear Mister Condo, I own a condo in Massachusetts, which I purchased in 2010. I lived there from the time of purchase until moving out of state in 2013 to accept a position in my profession. I decided to keep my condo and rent it, which is within the rules of the condo regulations. Over the years I’ve been an owner in this building, I have witnessed, and been subject to,…

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Condominium Governance Legal

The Case of the Missing Condominium Governance Documents

D.C. from New Jersey writes: Dear Mister Condo, We are purchasing a unit in a two-unit condo building in New Jersey. Both units are in foreclosure so there is no condo by-laws or homeowners policy or paperwork regarding the condo. Where do we start? We are being told that we need to provide flood insurance and building insurance for the whole structure because the unit downstairs is bank owned. Not sure where to go with…

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Assessments Board Common Fees Condominium Financial Governance

Who Pays for the Newly Added Condo Roof Structure?

C.D. from New Jersey writes: Dear Mister Condo, I live in a 30-unit condo in New Jersey. We are having water problems. The Board has been advised that the awnings on the building are causing water to get in to some areas and want to replace them with a permanent roof structure. There are only 8 units that have awnings. They want the owners that have awnings to pay more for the new roof structure…

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