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Who Is Responsible for Shared Condo Driveway?

J.F. from New Haven County writes: Dear Mister Condo, I share a driveway with another unit. The driveway needs resurfacing. The association says my neighbor and I are responsible for the cost of this repair. I have been told that CT condo law requires the association to pay for driveway repairs. Is this true? Thanks.   Mister Condo replies: J.F., I am not aware of any law that requires the association to pay for driveway…

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Assessments Board Common Fees Condominium Financial Governance Selling

Condo Unit Owner Seeking Refund of “Unused” Common Fees Upon Sale of Unit

R.G. from Litchfield County writes: Dear Mister Condo, We live in a small condo complex. One unit owner is selling his unit. He has been a very ineffective President of the condo Association since its conception. He claims that the gardener did not complete his work and we have a few things that have not been done (ie. Power washing, tree trimming etc.) to date so he should get his HOA fees returned because there…

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Board Condominium Governance Neighbor Issues Pets Rules Enforcement

Condo Trespassers Bringing Their Dogs to Condo Grounds

P.B. from outside of Connecticut writes: Dear Mister Condo, I have a question on fines. We are fined if our dogs go on the grass or common areas within our condo area. However, people often come from outside areas and their dogs go but nothing happens to them. Can the condo board fine it’s own members while letting outsiders off with nothing? Mister Condo replies: P.B., why would the association allow trespassers on association property?…

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Board Communications Condominium Governance

Minutes from Private Meetings of Condo Board Members

L.K. from outside of Connecticut writes: Dear Mister Condo, Can homeowners read minutes of private meetings by board members only? Mister Condo replies: L.K., minutes are official records of associations. As such, they are open to be inspected by any member of the association requesting to do so. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. If you were a shareholder in a corporation, wouldn’t you want access to minutes of Board meetings to…

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