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All Keyed Up Over Condo Access Door


M.F. from Middlesex County writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

Can my board not give me a key to an entrance to the building? On another note, this is an awesome site! Thank you!

Mister Condo replies:

M.F., thank you! I think it is an awesome site as well! As for your query, I am not fully sure I understand. If you own a unit within a secured building, you certainly have a right to entry. If that entry is through a locked door, you have a right to that key (or security code) so that you can gain access. Whether it is from the Board or the Property Manager, getting a key should be as simple as providing proof of ownership. There may be safeguards in place to protect the key. They could charge a security deposit on the key in case it is lost or stolen. Did a previous owner of your unit not leave the key behind when they left? Did you lose your key? There are lots of questions I have before I just tell you to demand a key but I think you get the idea. Of course, if you are a renter, the responsibility of providing you a key falls on your landlord; not the association.

If you can show proof of ownership and they refuse to give you a key, I would contact an attorney or bring suit on your own against the association. I have no doubt you will prevail and be awarded legal costs as well. Good luck!

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