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Antiquated Condo Parking Lot System Ineffective and Unenforceable

C.S. from outside of Connecticut writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

The Manager of my Condominium does not exercise any control about the occupancy of the scarce parking lots. All these spots are numbered and some others (each for one each) and others are for visitors (without numbers), that is for the first that arrive. Can the owners know the parking spot numbers belonging to all others owners? Then we (the owners) can make a match to them and find abusive neighbors. There are many people that duplicate the hang tags or recycle from the former tenants and even have numbers that not matching with the numbers on the parking lots. The manager has mentioned that the number of each parking lot belong to the “privacy information”. Is this true?

Mister Condo replies:

C.S., it sounds like your association is using a very poor system of parking lot management. While it may fall to the Property Manager to enforce this system, I would complain to the Board that their system is ineffective and being rampantly abused by residents. All the Board needs to do is adopt a modern parking lot solution to get the problem under control. If they refuse to do that then the chaos will continue. Privacy issues are a legitimate concern and many people are not fond of outsiders (burglars, for instance) entering a property and inspecting vacant parking lot numbers to determine who is and isn’t at home. Vacant space equals a vacant unit. That might encourage a burglar to attempt a break-in. Many associations use alternate parking space assignments for just this reason. My advice is for you to write to the Board and ask them to modernize the parking lot assignment system. Then, the Property Manager is far more likely to be successful in enforcing the rules of the new system. All the best!

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