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Careless Condo Owner Ruining Neighboring Unit

H.H. from Los Angeles writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

I live in Los Angeles and the unit above me has had water leaking into my unit – this will make the 4th time. I had to get my insurance company involved last time and they had to replace my ceiling and shower. 2 days ago, water was pouring into my newly renovated kitchen. She claims she spilled a pitcher of water. I have pics and video. Prior to the last two incidences, I had to replace my bathroom ceiling because she was missing the rubber ring in her tub. Prior to that I had water running down my walls from a seal issue she had in her shower. Should I get an attorney? What can I do? I’ve been living in construction for the last year. I’m losing my mind!

Mister Condo replies:

H.H., I am sorry for your neighbor problems. Thankfully, you have insurance to assist with the repairs but there is no way to protect your peace of mind. You certainly could hire an attorney but to what avail? Your upstairs neighbor is just behaving in an un-neighborly manner. Her careless ways are making your condo life uncomfortable and downright miserable. You can write to your Board and ask that they intervene on your behalf but it doesn’t sound as though any rules or laws have been broken. This is just a case of a careless unit owner causing grief for fellow unit owners, in this case, you. Speak with an attorney if you think you have a case of some sort against ether the neighbor or the association. Other than that, keep your fingers crossed that this neighbor decides to start acting like a responsible adult and realizing that her careless action have real consequences to those around her. Good luck!

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