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Hot Tub Responsibility Concerns Condo Board

C.G. from outside of Connecticut writes: Dear Mister Condo, We have a unit owner who wants to install a hot tub on her enclosed back porch! If we allow this as a board, do we accept any liability for it? Do we have to carry it under our insurance, or does the owner have full responsibility? Thank you! Mister Condo replies: C.G., in my experience, hot tubs are sticky subjects in condominiums for the very…

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Condo Association Turns Off Water and Sewer as Punishment for Breaking Rules

K.S. from outside of Connecticut writes: Dear Mister Condo, Can the association harass you about your pet and the use of your balcony? Can they shut your water and sewer off! Mister Condo replies: K.S., when folks move into community associations governed by a set of rules, they agree to live and behave a certain way. Typically, the problems associated with pets like picking up their waste, limiting their noises, and making sure they do…

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No Money in the Condo Budget for Snow Removal!

A.R. from New Haven County, Connecticut writes: Dear Mister Condo, The condo association decided to stop providing snow removal services “to save money”. Our dues increased 25 percent a few months ago due to higher insurance costs. The budget approved by the board includes a substantial amount for snow and landscaping, yet the yard is not being landscaped, and now we received a notice that no snow removal services will be provided anymore. I contacted the management company…

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Condo Board Sued for Not Offering Handicapped Parking

S.B. from New Haven County, Connecticut writes: Dear Mister Condo, Our condo is individual stand-alone units with a garage & driveway that accommodates a second car, therefore unit owners are not allowed to park in the street. One owner claimed that his heart condition makes it “physically stressful” to move his car daily and requests a handicap spot in front of his house. We denied, and he filed a civil rights claim. Mister Condo replies:…

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