Condominium Neighbor Issues Noise

Noisy Doors and Floors Leads to Feuding Condo Neighbors

J.H. from outside of Connecticut writes: Dear Mister Condo, I purchased the condo I currently live in 5 months ago. I live in the bottom unit and have 2 units above me. The woman who lives above me has complained that we are slamming the front door. She has taken to slamming on the floor when we close the front door. The issue for us is we are just closing the door and have never…

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Board Condominium Governance Voting

How Cold Can the Condo Board Keep the Common Areas?

R.M. from outside of Connecticut writes: Dear Mister Condo, Are there any rules for one when a condo should turn the heat on in the common areas? Our common areas are 58° right now and dropping quickly. For some reason or another the association is refusing to turn the heat on and people are shivering. What can be done about this? Can we withhold our condo fees? Mister Condo replies: R.M., the Board of the…

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Condominium Governance Insurance Neighbor Issues

Unattended Boat Left at Condo Dock for Months at a Time

K.I. from Florida writes: Dear Mister Condo, I live in a 16-unit condo bldg. I have a neighbor who leaves his boat on his dock and goes to New York for 3+ months at a time including during hurricane season. Can he do this? Mister Condo replies: K.I., the answer lies in your condo docs and/or dock regulations if the dock is operated separately from the association. My guess is that unless there is wording…

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Architectural Compliance Board Condominium Governance Insurance Legal

Hot Tub Responsibility Concerns Condo Board

C.G. from outside of Connecticut writes: Dear Mister Condo, We have a unit owner who wants to install a hot tub on her enclosed back porch! If we allow this as a board, do we accept any liability for it? Do we have to carry it under our insurance, or does the owner have full responsibility? Thank you! Mister Condo replies: C.G., in my experience, hot tubs are sticky subjects in condominiums for the very…

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