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Condo Association Denies Parking for Renter


L.M. from outside of Connecticut writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

Hello! I live in a condo where there is no parking area. The building is inside the compound. I normally park at the ground floor in front of the building. However, things have changed when the landowner requires us to pay a parking fee. Since I am normally the one who parks in the building, do I have the right to use the right of way of the building owner and use it as my parking space? I spoke with the building owner who advise me that I can use it as she has a right of way. It got more complicated when the landowner built a Gate and locked the Gate Area where a car can pass and leave the small Gate open. Our building is located at the end Corner so I need to pass one house before reaching the building. For not to have conflict, I park outside the compound before and now a tow away zone. What should I do?

Mister Condo replies:

L.M., it seems that there have been several rule changes with regards to parking at your rented condo. As a tenant, you need to observe the parking rules or face the consequences of towing and/or fines being levied against your landlord, who may, in turn, pass along to you. Your landlord is the person who needs to speak with the management of the association to determine where you may park within the association. If the unit he owns comes with assigned parking, that is very likely the only place where you may park without fear of being towed. If there is no parking assigned to the unit you are renting and your lease does not specifically provide you with parking, you may be out of luck and need to park offsite as you are doing now. That may be inconvenient but it may be your only option. Speak with your landlord and see what steps the landlord can take to secure your parking inside the complex. Good luck!

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