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Condo Association Won’t Repair Year-Old Water Leak


V.M. from New Haven County writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

There is an underground water leak outside my condo, which has been running for almost a year. I cannot get the condo association to respond to my requests for information on the problem or their resolution. Can you suggest next steps?

Mister Condo replies:

V.M., I am sorry for your water leak worries. I am very disappointed to learn that you have reported the problem to your association and they have not responded to your requests or fixed the problem. You didn’t mention how this leak is affecting your unit. Are you taking on water? If so, the association should be acting promptly to stop any potential water intrusion into your unit. If it is a question of water forming mud or puddles near your building but not directly damaging your unit, then their reaction may not need to be immediate.

Either way, water and association resources are being wasted. You might want to report the leak to the regional water authority. You can simply visit their website at and fill out their contact form. Tell them about the leak and they may investigate. Your first line of defense is your Board. Your requests should be in writing and you may also wish to appear before the Board at their next meeting. Document the water leak, take pictures of your evidence and bring them with you. If they still refuse to address the problem, it is time to look for some new community leaders. Board members that aren’t acting in the best interest of the association should be replaced. All the best!

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