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Condo Board Cites Unknown Parking Rules

S.V. from outside of Connecticut writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

I have a deeded parking spot within our garage. I was cited because I was “supposedly” parked in my deeded spot for 96 hours without moving my vehicle. The violation states ” vehicle has been parked in your spot for over 96 hours. Please move it on a regular basis” Nowhere in our Parking Rules/bylaws is this indicated. Can a board regulate how often my vehicle is moved? Its registered, insured and properly maintained.

Mister Condo replies:

S.V., the Board is the ultimate authority on use of the common areas which may include your parking garage. Even though you have a deeded right to park in your space, you still need to follow the rules of the garage which is under the Board’s control. Of course, their rules need to be voted into the rules of the association, properly noticed to unit owners, and made part of the condo docs to be enforceable. Ask for a copy of the rule and ask when it was added. Also, if you and enough of your fellow unit owners feel the rule is unnecessary, propose the rule be removed. If the Board refuses to remove the rule, consider electing Board members that are friendlier to your cause. Board members are simply volunteers who have been democratically elected from within the association to perform the work of the association. You get what you vote for. S.V.. Good luck!

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