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Condo Board Depletes Reserves Without Plan for Replacement

K.C. from Long Island, NY writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

I live in a 40-unit condo community in Suffolk County, Long Island that was built 8 years ago. The sponsor upon his departure left $25,000.00 in Reserves with the recommendation that we continue to increase our Reserves to $35,000. Our present Board recently depleted all Reserves for the rehabbing of the wood on 2 buildings. According to our By Laws, the Reserves are to be used for roofs, roads, curbs, bulkhead. Living in an area susceptible to storms, floods and hurricanes – this makes me extremely nervous. Is there a source I can go to for laws & information on HOA Reserves for NY condos?

Mister Condo replies:

K.C., you are right to be concerned about how the Board is using the Reserve Fund and any of the association’s resources. A substantial Reserve Fund, or lack thereof, is often the difference between success and failure in condominium communities like yours. Unfortunately, the state of New York has been largely silent on the issue, leaving unit owners such as you, to review the association’s governance documents to make a determination as to what, if any, provisions exist that require the association to conduct and maintain a proper Reserve Study and to then properly fund the Reserve Fund so that the unit owners are protected against future maintenance costs which will surely arrive. When the community is not prepared for those expenses, unit owners get his with Special Assessments and/or increased common fees to carry the debt created by an HOA loan used to fund the repairs. It is truly a “pay me now or pay me later” scenario for unit owners. My best advice is for you to review your governance documents and see what they say. Most allude to having a Reserve Fund but few have a required contribution. You may suggest the association adopt a Reserve Fund annual contribution either based on a Reserve Study or even 10% of revenues collected. This will require an increase to common fees but it will help the association survive in the years ahead. You might also suggest the association hire a Reserve Study specialist who can best advise the association of how to plan ahead and save now for tomorrow’s known expenses. It might be an additional expense to the association today but it will provide great peace of mind and fiscal stability to the association in the future. All the best!

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