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Condo Board Dragging Their Feet on Renter’s Pet Approval

K.L. from outside of Connecticut writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

I am a new move-in in my condo building. About three months ago I submitted a general purchase application to the condo board of managers, which includes a question about pet information. According to the house rule, upon the board approval, pets are allowed in unit and leashed in common area, so I clearly stated that I plan to adopt a small size apartment dog. However, I haven’t heard from the board for three months. I even heard that they plan to charge a pet fee (and this is after my application was submitted). I want to ask what can I do if the board keeps silent forever and if it’s legal to charge a new fee after the application being submitted. Thank you!

Mister Condo replies:

K.L., I am sorry that you are having difficulty getting an answer about your new pet. I am sure you are anxious to make the adoption and also be a good tenant and resident of the association. Until you have the approval of the Board, you would be wise to wait as you would be in violation of the rules of the association otherwise. The Board does have the right to implement pet fees and they are not beholden to any timeframe for that, including your application date. In fact, they could implement the fee AFTER your approval and you would still be subject to it, in my opinion. As for how long they have to reply to your request, it really is up to them. Ideally, it should be at their next meeting or however else they handle the request. Some associations would delegate the job to a property manager; others handle it themselves. As a renter, you need to apply pressure to your landlord to get the Board to take action. The unit owner, not the renter, is the one who the Board must answer to. Hopefully, you can get this matter cleared up in short order. Good luck!

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