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Condo Board Takes Out a Trespass Warrant Against Unit Owner’s Beau!

J.S. from outside of Connecticut writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

Is it in the right of the Board of Directors and the Property management company to put a trespass warrant on my Girlfriend barring her from coming onto the property? I own my condo and have for the last 15 years. I feel that they have no right to trespass someone from my home that I want and welcome into the condo that I own all because her and the President of our association do not get along. My question is can they do that legally and do it against my wishes?

Mister Condo replies:

J.S., the short answer is “yes”, if the Board wishes to ban a person who isn’t an owner from entering the common grounds, they can take steps to do so. Of course, you can bring a suit against the Board for doing so and argue that they are denying your enjoyment of use of the property. The real question to me is why would they do so? Has your girlfriend committed a crime against the president of your association? Have the police needed to be involved in the past? I have answered a similar question not all that long ago. You can read more about my previous answer here – I hope your situation improves soon. Good luck!

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