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Condo Cable Installation Costs Out of Control

C.B. from outside of Connecticut writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

My condo association just hired a new management property company. This property company has created rules for the cable company to follow in order to gain access to the electrical room where the cable hook ups are located. The cable tech can get access one of three ways 1) to drive to the management office to pick up the key (20 miles there and back, not to mention having to return the key) – the cable tech said they are not willing to do that 2) the cable tech can send an email to the management property with their employee id, but the techs say they are not allowed to send emails to anyone outside of the company 3) I can pay the management company $40 an hour to come and open the door. If the cable company gives me a 4-hour block and the management company stays until the cable tech is done, that could easily be 5 hours and close to $200 to get my cable fixed. I have tried to ask the board, but the management property states that the board wants everything to go through the management property company and they have not passed this issue to the board. Can the management company do this? The old management wouldn’t charge anything.

Mister Condo replies:

C.B., they absolutely can! The problem is with your Board, not your Management Company. If the Board doesn’t apply pressure to the management company to change their policy, the management company can pretty much do whatever it wants. The management company works for the Board, not you. Your displeasure at having to pay these extra fees is of no concern to the management company. In fact, it is quite profitable from what you describe. You need to complain to the Board and also speak with other unit owners who must be having the same issue as you. If enough you get fed up with the Board, it is time to elect new Board Members who will pressure the management company to change this policy or risk losing the management contract. If those things don’t happen, the policy is likely to remain in place. Enjoy your cable and good luck!

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