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Condo Changes Rules on Motorcycle Parking

D.B. from Florida writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

Rule change. Old rule 2 car limit with parking pass/sticker. Could also have motorcycle in your designated parking space or designated motorcycle area and not considered 3rd vehicle. No parking sticker needed. Plenty of guest spots to park. New rule says motorcycle is considered vehicle and total vehicles allowed per unit is 2 vehicles. Been in Condo 8 years. 5 years with 2 vehicles and 1 motorcycle. Seems unreasonable after the fact.

Mister Condo replies:

D.B., the real question here is whether or not the motorcycle should be considered a vehicle. Since it is registered as a vehicle with the state, the Board is simply using the state’s definition of a vehicle and applying it to the association’s rules on parking. What you are really looking for here is a variance that distinguishes a motorcycle from an automobile so that there can be different rules for motorcycles with respects to parking. You can write to your Board to explain your case and they may or may not grant your request. The democratically elected Board is the voice of unit owners like yourself. If there are enough fellow motorcycle owners who take issue with the new rule, you need to vote in directors who will see it your way. Otherwise, the common areas like parking lots are under the Board’s purview and the rules need to be followed. Good luck!

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