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Condo Crime Unaddressed by the Condo Board

J.S. from California writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

We live in a condo complex in Newport Beach, California. We had number of incidents violated on our personal property, with 5 Police Reports so far. This included slashed tires, a window shot out in our office, my electric scooter stolen, my wife’s car broken into and everything taken, and most recently, all the air let out of our tires, even while parked in our private covered carport.

The Board and Management Company refuses to get involved, saying they don’t get involved in neighbor to neighbor disagreements. However, these are not simple disagreements, but vandalism.

Mister Condo replies:

J.S., I am sorry for all of the crime that is occurring in your condo complex. I should point out that the police are the people you call for crime, not the Board or Management Company. When laws are broken, it is the responsibility of law enforcement (the police) to handle the matter. You should also notify the Board and Management Company as they may wish to alert other residents of the dangerous activity occurring on association grounds.

Other condo complexes that have experienced high crime have done things like “Neighborhood Watch” or similar programs. I am curious as to why the Board and Management Company claim that these crimes are “neighbor to neighbor disagreements”. Is there proof that fellow unit owners are committing these crimes? Neither the Board nor the Management Company are law enforcement bodies, they simply govern the property as outlined in the governance documents. Depending on your local laws, they may have a duty to inform residents that crime is occurring on the property. Hopefully, the local law enforcement personnel can help you stop the criminal activity. Good luck!

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