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Condo Owner Getting Water Damage from Outside of Unit

E.A. from Texas writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

I have a water problem that is coming from inside the wall. The condo association, not the management company, will send someone out to fix it. I notified the management company maintenance man and he came out and tore out the wall. Another service person came out at the request of the president of the association’s request the next day and did not know what was causing the problem. My inside insurance company had a master plumber come out two days later and identify the likely source of the problem. He also wanted to test the water line pressure but the water lines are to 4 or 6 units so could not do it on the inside insurance person’s “say so” in case damage was done to other units. I have paid a large assessment, the first in 10 years this year, and paid all my dues on time. They are even ahead by one-two months. What gives?

Mister Condo replies:

E.A., keep paying those dues and assessments on time. Unfortunately, being a timely dues and assessments payer isn’t going to help this problem. You have done all of the right things so far and you may be on the path to resolution. The problem is clearly not your fault nor in your unit. That means the issue is either coming from a neighboring unit or from common water lines owned by the association. Either way, you need a repair and a solution pronto. Now that your plumber has identified the likely culprit, you need to pressure the Board and/or the management company to come and address the problem and provide a solution. These things can be frustrating because they take time, especially if access to neighboring units is involved in the repair. Ask for a plan and keep being a thorn in the side of anyone who will listen. In my experience, this type of problem is generally resolved quickly but being a squeaky wheel might just help you get some grease quicker. Good luck!

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