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Condo Owner Wants to Change Address of Unit

R.D. from outside of Connecticut writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

We are in a 3-condo complex and 1 unit of the 3 wants to change address because he is on the side of the building and the other 2 units are in the front the reason he wants to change address is it is confusing to all. He wants to change it so it says the side street he is on now. He is a good owner but he is selling his unit. Where does it leave the other 2 units legally?

Mister Condo replies:

R.D., I’ve been answering HOA and condo unit owner questions for quite a few years now. I have to say, I thought I’d heard it all but your question threw me for a bit. If I understand correctly, the unit owner who is selling his unit wants to change his address. Legally, the property has an address from the municipality where the condo resides. I do not believe the condo association can legally change the address of any of the units as they are real estate and the deeds are on file at City Hall or your local records division where such records are kept. You could check with a local attorney who specializes in real estate or ask the records keeper if such a change is even possible but I think it unlikely. Since he is selling his unit, this issue is going away as soon as he does. I wish him, and you, a speedy sale. Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Condo Owner Wants to Change Address of Unit”

  1. Changing an address doesn’t affect the unit’s location. This is the reason for a legal description for all real estate (addresses often change). If changing the unit’s address makes it easier to find the unit and makes the unit more desirable, it should be encouraged.

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