Board Condominium Governance Neighbor Issues Parking Rules Enforcement

Condo Owner’s Guest Flagrantly Violates Parking Rules

L.W. from Fairfield County writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

Our parking rules state that “no vehicles may be stored in common parking spaces when not in use. Vehicles that are not operable or that will not be utilized for 15 days or longer should be parked in the Unit Owners garage or driveway.” The live-in boyfriend of a unit owner has parked his beat up pickup truck in a parking spot in the common area for more than one month. It has not budged in a month. I requested our Management Company ask that he move the truck weeks ago, but it has not moved. The owner of the truck is NOT an owner in this complex, just a friend of one. The truck owner has a new truck which he parks near the old one, indicating to me that he is merely storing this unused truck in one of our common area parking places. It is infuriating that they are being allowed to do this. What do you suggest?

Mister Condo replies:

L.W., the use and management of the common parking areas is the purview of the Board. It is up to them to enforce the rules of the association. Your duty is to report those parking violations that you observe to the Board. It is then up to the Board to take the appropriate action. You can follow up with the Board to see what they are doing but that is the limit of what you can do. The Property Manager can only do what the Board empowers him or her to do. While your by-laws state the intended use of the parking lot they may not say what, specifically, can be done to unit owners or guests who do not comply. Typically, fines are issued after warnings are given. In extreme cases, the Board may have the authority to tow the vehicle off property. Whatever the rules are, all you can do as a resident is to report the offense. It is up to the Board to deal with the problem. All the best!

1 thought on “Condo Owner’s Guest Flagrantly Violates Parking Rules”

  1. It depends on how your by-laws are written, but I doubt that they are so specific that only the person on title can use their own parking stalls. Follow the logic. If the unit is in my name (and my spouse, child, parent, roommate, love toy of the season name is not on title), but the car is in my spouses name they would not be able to park in the spot. The point of owning property is for it to have value to the owner. If the owner choses to let someone use the spot – for whatever reason, they are entitled too. Learn to live with this one. Your life is too short to be bent out of shape over this issue.

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