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Condo Parking Rules Are Useless Without Enforcement!


A.S. from Florida writes:

Dear Mister Condo,

Each owner in my condo association has an assigned parking space, deeded and specified in the Declaration. The stipulated rules are each car (after being approved) must display a DECAL and all guests/visitors must display a parking pass to be displayed in their windshield. These rules are not being carried out or enforced by required and appropriate identification but strange UNIDENTIFIED cars are being parked all over our private lot. The world is not a safe place today and more reason to enforce the governing rules. Please give your advice.

Mister Condo replies:

A.S., I agree with you. Parking lot rules are among the most important for an association to enforce. However, enforcement is every community member’s responsibility as the only way the rules violations can be known is if an inspection is conducted or a complaint is registered. Some communities choose to cut expenses by reducing or eliminating inspections. That’s when the system falls apart and pits neighbor against neighbor. It may be time to suggest to the Board that a more rigid inspection and enforcement program be installed or reinstated. This may cause costs to escalate and, in turn, raise common fees but it may be the only way to enforce the parking rules and help keep the community safe. Good luck!

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